Air sanitisers in the uk (4)

Freshness in Schools

Air sanitisers in the uk (1)

Freshness in Restaurants

Air sanitisers in the uk (3)

Freshness in The Office

Low Cost

Low cost effective solution to solve washroom odours.

Clean and Fresh Fragrance

Choice of twelve fragrances; from fresh linen to apple and cinnamon ideal for Christmas

Neutralise Bad Odours

Neutralises the odours and kills airborne bacteria

Powersolve was established in 1994. We began by providing a full range of cleaning and hygiene supplies but as the business evolved we decided to specialise in the Air Sanitizer market, ie. concentrate on delivering excellence of service in one specific field.

We supply all areas of commerce and business, from schools and colleges to restaurants and hotels. Anywhere that has a washroom we will endeavour to help provide an improved environment for staff and visitors alike.

We remain a family owned company and are committed to providing a professional and personal service which responds immediately to your requirements.