The unit unlocks on the right hand side.  Insert the key fully and turn it 180º clockwise.  The lock may then be removed attached to the key. There is also a release button on top of the unit

Before inserting the new canister spray it manually two or three times.  Check that the white lever in the unit which presses down on the can is in it’s highest position, if not, push it upwards.  The can will then fit neatly into the unit.

To test the unit move the top switch to Demo, it will then spray every 5 seconds.


The two AA batteries are located on either side of the can.


There are two black switches on the Control Panel.

The top switch regulates the frequency of spray in minutes. The top setting is Demo, sprays every 5 seconds, next setting every 25 minutes, next setting every 15 minutes, the bottom setting is every 8 minutes. Please choose according to your requirements.

The bottom switch regulates the time when the units are active, the top setting is day, unit active when there is a light source (usual setting), next setting is 24 hours a day, next setting is 12 hours a day, bottom setting is off for school holidays. Unless the units are in a dark area the appropriate setting will be day, i.e. the units will spray at the chosen  frequency while it is light and shut themselves down when it is dark.


The red light that flashes every few seconds indicates that the unit is active and will spray at the chosen frequency. Occasionally there will be enough power left in the batteries to flash the red light but not enough to emit the fragrance.  If ever in doubt switch to Demo to test.