Powersolve fragrance is an intensely perfumed odour neutralizer, supplied in cans which  fit into a metered air freshener dispenser.


Powersolve cans are now fitted with the latest ‘soft spring’ valve system, which is extremely battery friendly. Tests have proven that utilising this valve extends battery life by two or  three  times more than the previous valve.


The fragrance is formulated to remain suspended in the air for many hours, eliminating mal-odours. One unit, suitably placed, will fragrance approx. 6000 cubic feet. Each aerosol delivers 3000 applications, set to spray at 8 minute intervals, twelve hours per day,. One aerosol will last approx. five weeks.
We supply  a range of fragrances;  which reflect the needs of the different work and leisure environments that the Air Sanitizer units are located in.

Method of Use

Position the fragrance into the dispenser and set the timer to the desired interval.

Fragrances available

  • Cherry
  • Country Flower
  • Crushed Orange
  • Feminine
  • Fresh Linen
  • Lemon Zest
  • Mandarin
  • Masculine
  • Powder Fresh
  • Vanilla
  • Wild Berry



  • The fragrance contains a bactericide which reacts with the water vapour in the air to kill airborne bacteria and eliminate odours.
  • It leaves a pleasant fragrance, but is doing more than simply masking odours.
  • Improves the environment for people working in the premises.
  • Creates a favourable impression for visitors.
  • Safe for the environment and asthmatics.
  • Low cost solution.